Zondagmiddag bij VLLA

On the 4th of march Nikki Giling will pop-up at Zondagmiddag bij VLLA!

You all know the feeling, you spent your Saturday partying like you were Charlie Sheen, but look more like Lindsay Lohan on Sunday. Don’t despair! We’ve got your fix all prepared and ready. We have all the necessary ingredients to make your hangover into a bon vivant hedonist dream coming true.

How? With tender loving care, all over the place at the second edition of our Sunday afternoon market. Lay down to listen to some soothing acoustic vibes, waddle around between the lovesome barber shop and a heavenly massage salon. And it gets even better! We’ve carefully gathered the finest local fashion and art designers to showcase and sell their goods. They were all selected on strict quality and affordability criteria, so you won’t have to wade through crap or break your precious piggy bank. That’s too much stress for a Sunday afternoon anyway, right?

Alongside all the stands where you can score a new recession-proof outfit, we’ll offer art to spice up your room and some food to prevent you from getting ‘hangry’. Still not satisfied? Fine, shoot some ducks on our old skool Nintendos or play with the Mario Bros. But we’re sure you’ll find yourself some new treasures and will feel cosy and warm along the way.

When: March 4th, 12:00 – 20:00
Where: VLLA, Willem Roelofsstraat 9, 106J XL Amsterdam
More info: Facebook event
Tickets: free!