Koda Amsterdam

Cut waste, (re)use!

Fabrics of De Ploeg the protagonist in a new Dutch accessories brand: Koda Amsterdam

The cutting waste of De Ploeg upholstery fabrics is the protagonist in a new accessories brand, to be presented at the Dutch Design Week 2013 at Yksi Expo: Koda Amsterdam.

The next step has been taken, following the successful presentation last year at Yksi Expo, where Dutch artists and designers transformed one week’s worth of cutting waste into new products. The cutting waste of upholstery fabrics of De Ploeg is now integral to a brand new accessories line.

Dutch designers were inspired by the wealth and variety of De Ploeg’s strong and durable fabrics. Dutch sewing companies have shown their craftsmanship in the making of these accessories. Piece by piece: each Koda product is unique and hence has its own unique code.

One of the designers is Nikki Giling!

Nikki Giling has tried various approaches to working with the fabrics. After several trials (colour baths, patchwork, framed fabrics) she has found true inspiration within the fabrics themselves, in the form of structure, yarn and fibres. She decided her ‘rafeltas’ (frayed bag) should proudly show its seams, allowing the wool yarns to fray freely and cheerfully.

Koda and De Ploeg

Koda does not believe in waste and hence adds value to waste material. Koda loves to put the cutting waste of the beautiful De Ploeg fabrics in the spotlights. Diana van Dongen founded Koda Amsterdam in close cooperation with De Ploeg.

De Ploeg is a Dutch brand of high-quality curtain and upholstery fabrics. The Dutch weaving mill was founded in 1923 and is since then developing design, weaving and distributing top quality fabrics. Focussed on research, technology and fashion, De Ploeg designers create original fabrics.

Torenallee 22-04 (Strijp-S)
5617 BD Eindhoven

more info about the Exhibition www.yksi.nl

Photography by Gidi van Maarseveen